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Love, Courage, and Awakening The Warrior:

Soul Story Online Series

Take stock and explore who you are in the world, what story are we living in, what roles you are taking on, and what you want to accomplish in 2017.


Receive a mythic oracle story that will help you explore your inner landscape and will provide a format to explore your relationship to love, courage, how you engage with the world, and serve as a tool for you to awaken and activate your inner warrior.

Online Meetings will be on the full moon from 12pm-1pm PST

Feb 10th

March 12th

April 10th

May 10th

June 9th

July 8th

August 7th

Each month you will receive:

  • 1 Soul Story delivered to your inbox on the new moon of each month  

  • A Workbook that will walk you through a series of questions that will support your exploration of your inner landscape

  • A Personal Action Guide: Each story will come with practices that you can implement in your every day life to take action on what you discovered in your inquiry process

  • 1 hour live online session each month where the story is given to you, and you are provided a space to explore the questions in a group environment. (Those who can’t participate live will receive an audio recording)

  • Access to a private facebook book group where you can convene with other people who are participating in the Love, Courage, and Awakening the Warrior online experience.

Register now and reserve your spot

Register for 6 Months for just $87

Register for 3 Months for just: $27

What to expect from a Soul Story:

A Soul Story is a one of a kind story created for an individual. But just as we will all play a different spoke in the wheel at different times in our lives, our stories serve as medicine for each other. Each Soul Story was hand selected for this program, and is designed to encourage and activate your relationship to love, courage, and your relationship to your inner warrior. These stories serve as a canvas to explore the landscape of your consciousness through symbol, myth, and metaphor. Some stories will arrive in written form, some will arrive in the form of audio, all will be delivered live in the monthly session.

Why Love, Courage and the Warrior?

We are living through times are asking us to be nimble, to be able to make transitions, live with the unknown, and will ask the most of us. These times need our hearts to be strong, our minds to be innovative, and our inner warrior to be activated so that we are at our best. This series is designed to support you on your journey to showing up in the most empowered way in the times we are living through. Know your BIG story. Live Your Story. And claim your role so you can live from the place of your Soul Power. 


Register now and reserve your spot

Register for 6 Months for just $87

Register for 3 Months for just: $27

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