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The Forest Walker

When We Were Gods

Dragon Love

The Day I Married a Polar Bear

Westward Winds



Marry a Polar Bear?

Make out in the forest next to a deity?

The price you pay for refusing the kiss of a dragon?

These are just a few of the stories that are awaiting you…

(all of these stories contain adult themes).


The stories merge the mythic elements and archetypes with modern days scenarios and provide insight and humor into many of life’s hard-pressed scenarios in the pursuit of life, love, and the art of happiness.


On the new moon of each month, you will receive a new story either in print, audio, or in digital copy (as you prefer).


The Forest Walker:

A potent story about a woman who believed she was seducing men with the assistance of a forest deity. Turns out, she was the one being seduced.


Westward Winds: 

A love story that just might make your heart skip a beat. This story asks the question if you could control how perfectly you could experience love, what length would you be willing to go to keep love in a state of perfection.


When We Were Gods:

What happens when a wolf god and wind goddess fall in love? They beg the gods to be allowed to live in human form to take delight in the pleasures of union. The only problem is they have to live by human rules and forget their godliness in their effort to remember who they are, and who they came here to become.


Dragon Love:

This is the tale of a classic heroes journey to obtain the secrets of the inner sanctum of the universe. The problems begin when our heroine refuses the love of a dragon.


The Day I Married A Polar Bear:

Our heroine wakes one day to realize her hand has been promised in marriage… to a polar bear. But nothing is as it seems, and while their love grows, his fate is unmistakably linked to the fate of the polar bears who are impacted by our changing planet.


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