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Reclaim the Myths, Activate the Archetypes:

4 WEEK Workshop


JULY 6, 13, 20, 27


Berkeley, CA

The Lover: July 13
The Initiatior; July 20
The Priestess: August 25th

Individual Workshop Sessions: $50


Registration for the entire package: $120



Stories have souls. They have the ability to shape our world views, influence what we believe we are capable of, and they are woven out of the fabric of metaphors, myths, and symbols that hold the keys to understanding what lives in our deepest unconsciousness.


This 4 week journey uses story and myth as the catalyst for exploring our relationship to self, community, and society as we take on our personal myths and cultural mythology. Each session involves exploring a new archetypal myth, and we will unfold the symbols, and engage in an embodied ritual as we work through the Soul Stories model to call in and work with our new story.


  • Take a deep dive into your personal and our collective mythology

  • Connect with the archetypes that run or lay dormant within you and are waiting to be activated

  • Meet your life with a new lexicon and perspective

  • Rest into the ancient art storytelling and building culture and community through the exploration of our shared story


Each session will include the telling of a myth, opportunities to explore through group process, develop/hone their intuitive skills, as well as engage in small group discussions. The priestess will take us into the conversation about where we are in our actualization of our gifts, The Lover will lead us into a conversation about relationship to love and expression of it all of its forms and The Initiator will invite us to explore what threasholds we are prepared to cross. Our final week together will be one of integration, where we share our new stories. Each session will include a different co-facilitator. 


















































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Image by Vladamir Kush

In this session we will work with The Story of The Love Maker, a story into the jourey to find the creator of love itself. Elements of this session will include a guided meditation/journey, 1:1 verbal exercises and integrating the universal dances of peace. This will be a fully embodied event and we will explore our relationship with love in all of its forms, love of self, love of others, love of community, and our relationship with love itself. 


We will explore the archetype of the priest & priestess through The Story of The Witch. This myth invites into the opportunity to explore our relationship to how we showing up in the world, what is being asked from us, and how where we are in relationship to working with our personal power. We will integrate the story and develop our own mythology through the removing of obstacles, calling in master teachers, and a soul ceremony. 


Co-facilitated with Marta Maria Marraccini

Marta Maria Marraccini M.A. has been in private practice as a spiritual teacher and guide in the San Francisco Bay Area for 17 years. She is an established professional speaker, community builder, and has a private Quantum Belief practice where she works with individuals, couples, and groups. She bridges Quantum Mechanics with ancient wisdom traditions for a well rooted approach to spiritual awakening. 

  The Priest/Priestess

The Lover

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Co Facilitated with Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is an ordained priestess and focalizer for the 13 Moon Mystery School. As an  archetypal voice & embodiment coach, ceremonial singer, and prayer-formance artist with over 20 years of shamanic and yogic training, her work is in service to the awakening of the collective heart of humanity. She is passionate about creating and holding sacred space for women to have an embodiment experience of working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine. 

The Initiator

art by Jena DellaGrottaglia-Maldonado

In this session we will adventure through a story about initiation. Working with this archetype invites us into the opportunity to explore what thresholds are deeply calling to be crossed in your life. We will integrate your personal story about what is possible through a mythic exploration of your relationship to courage, choice, truth telling, and free will. 

Co-Facilitated with Ariel Spilsbury

Ariel Spilsbury is the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is  a mumbling mystic, a brilliant fool, a savant of symbols, a wily wordsmith, a crone and wise-woman of word, a fairy godmother, a sound priestess and crystal singer, a consciousness trainer, a ceremonial magician, an initiator and truth teller, a lifelong cheerleader for the Goddess, a serpent moon visionary, a scribe and oracle of the Mystery, a Glass Bead Game magistrate, an archetypal agent for transformation, a mythic guide, a Crazy Wisdom initiator, divine child magician, a mythic script writer, a dragon dreamer, a harmonic navigator, a planetary midwife and inner dimensions journey guide.

Your Mistress of Ceremonies:

Leah Lamb is dedicated to bringing meaning to our existence through the art of storytelling. Play, exploration and transformation is the name of the game. Her work plays with a lexicon that weaves myths, archetypes, and the hero’s journey into our modern world. She studied theater at The Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and holds a Masters in Social Work from VCU. She was the founder of The Performance Initiative, a non-profit that utilized the arts for social change where she produced Piecing It Together, Addressing War and Peace During The Iraq War, and ENGAGE, designed to encourage youth engagement. Her work in the environment includes producing and hosting The Green Chanel at Al Gore's Current TV, and her writing on the topic can be found in National Geographic News Watch, Fast Company, and Spirtuality & Health Magazine. She produces the traveling Storytelling Series, In Living Landscapes, and is the creator of Soul Stories: one of a kind stories created just for you, and is the Founder of My PLanet, LLC, telling stories that matter online and in Virtual Reality. Learn more at

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