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Sanctify Your Space:

Create Your Own Sacred Symbol


Greetings creators,

What a beautiful time we shared together this morning learning about and creating sacred symbols! I was so touched being with all of you.

If you would like to find my work on Facebook, feel free to friend me, Kristen Myers, And to like my page Kristen Myers Arts and Creativity.

You can follow me on Instagram @beautyweaving.

And my email address is if you would like to explore further options with me and share your drawing from today.

The link to register for my four week series, Intuitive Drawing, Making Magic for Creative Empowerment, coming up in late September is here.

And as a fun bonus, anyone who registers in the next 48 hours receives a 30 minute phone Creativity Consultation: a call or a Zoom meeting with me to discuss any questions about today’s class or anything coming up around your creative process.

All my best,

Interested in taking your storytelling to the next level? 

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