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Through Myth, Poem, Song..

Court the Muse

Engage Your Mythic Imagination

Prepare Your Listeners

Speak Your Medicine

Emody Your Story 

Free Your Voice

Create Sacred Space

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  • Activate your creative spark!

  • Learn the art and science of storytelling 

  • Open to a new universe where stories have souls and desires of their own

  • Expand your repertoire of myths and mythic stories from around the globe

  • Practice writing and telling stories in large and small groups

  • Discover new ways to bring ritual and the sacred into your creative practice

  • Be introduced to a variety of different forms of story: myths, fairy tales, mystical stories, and oh so much more

  • Explore storytelling as service

  • Opportunity to explore and develop your own specific style of storytelling and way of integrating sacred practices into how you share stories

  • Guest speakers to be announced 

Your Fierce Allies in the Art of Sacred Storytelling

(additional speakers soon to be announced)







































What to Expect...


  • Creation Myths & Initiation Stories: learn from stories around the world

  • How to make sense and meaning of your lives through the wisdom of Fairytales, Myths, Personal Stories

  • Ignite your creative spark: learn practical tools for how to work with the imagination

  • Develop a practices for creating a sacred space for your listeners

  • Untell stories that no longer serve you as you reweave these stories to bring potent lessons to your listeners

  • Speak your Medicine: share your stories with the undercurrent of the gifts that you have come to give to this world come though every word you speak. 



Embody Your Story

Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT,  is an internationally-acclaimed teacher and performer of tribal fusion belly dance based out of the SF Bay Area.  Coined “The Queen of Slink,”  for her captivating performance style, she is honored to have shared the stage as a guest artist with the musical inspirations of: Balkan Beat Box, EOTO, David Starfire, Brass Menazeri, Zilla, Vibesquad, Lynx & Janoever, Fishtank Ensemble, Beats Antique,  and more.  Founder of SattyaBody Women’s Health & the SF Mecca Immersion retreat into the heart and soul of San Francisco Tribal, Deb teaches retreats/workshops around the globe, fusing yoga, world-class tribal fusion technique, performance artistry, and therapeutics. Learn more about Deb here

Finding The Sacred in Our Everyday Stories

Joel Ben Izzy has performed and led workshops in thirty-five countries. Over the years he has also produced six recorded collections of his stories, which have won awards from Parents’ Choice foundation, NAPPA, the ALA, and a Booklist Editor’s Choice Honor. Joel is also one of the nation’s most sought-after story consultants, supporting organizations and leaders working to make the world a better place, with clients in fields ranging from philanthropy to medicine to technology to entertainment. Joel’s first book was the highly acclaimed memoir The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness.

True Voice

Rachel Bagby, author of the #1 bestselling book, Daughterhood: Sounding / Hidden Truths / Ignite Your Freedom, has devoted over 30 years to helping women voice their power. Founder of Singing Farm and Voice Blessings, she designs and leads programs with global reach, teaching change-agents to become joyful instruments of individual and organizational brilliance.


An award winning social artist, international speaker, and leadership muse with a JD from Stanford Law School, Rachel's clients have included entrepreneurial founders and mavericks at world-renowned organizations such as Google, Facebook, Organic Valley Co-Op and Rockwood Institute. Evoking the powers of story-singing, poetic intelligence and earth-centered contemplative practices, she helps leaders, artist, and healers galvanize the forces of nature within them, to accomplish bodacious, heaven-on-earth serving missions.

Drawing on skills honed as a founding member of Bobby McFerrin’s ensemble, "Voicestra," Rachel uses improvisation techniques to amp up her audiences’ presence and message, so that they increase their communicative power to transform the moment.

Learn More:

We will live within the seasons as we venture inward to see what lies fallow, and return to bloom in the spring. 
We will begin at the beginning: with creation myths... from around the world and the creation of our life paths. 
We will court the Muse as we develop and hone our sacred practices and intuitive creative practice.
We will tend to the innards as we explore stories of love, betrayal, and forgiveness.
We will explore the story of sacrcity as we reweave and untell old stories about ourseleves, and the planet. 
We claim what is our to give it, and course it through the carefull selected stories we choose to give to the world. 
We will alchemize our time together by creating a storytelling gathering of your own creation in your home town. 


"Leah lives in story, it resonates in her being – as a teller, as a writer/thinker, as an activist/world changer, as a contemporary artist rooted in the ancient. She knows the alchemy of myth and the miracle of life, and the tangible magic of language performed." Joe Lambert, Founder Digital Stoy

"My storytelling was mechanical and stale and in a way... unlived, unliving and underlived. After this course, and something was awakened. This course  was exactly what I needed to spark my soul into finally living that story telling side that I never dreamt I could and would live up to."  ~Bettina Lonfat

The first moment I heard Leah share one of her original stories, I was captured by her deep imagery and her understanding of the human spirit.  Lifted from my mundane world, she carried me into a mystical place of possibility and wonder.  -Sirena Andrea, Founder, Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival









Kind yet firm, loving yet fierce, Leah expertly marries the magic with the mundane as she fluidly guides the unfolding of every soul's unique story. Her ears listen for the deeper currents flowing beneath the words and actions, her words call each participant more fully to life, her eyes sparkle with the radiance of aligned purpose, and her heart sings the siren song of remembrance and returning. Leah's work is an imperative service to the great turning of our world and culture, and her devotion to the mystery invites all that work with her to step into their unique embodied expression of medicine and purpose through the weaving of the great mythological unfolding of each and every life. If you are ready for true transformation of the tales you tell and the germination of the seeds of growth within your soul, step into Leah's circle and surrender to the greater story that is longing to live through you." ~Hannah Jermstad







"My search for an avenue to unleash my inner storyteller lasted over a decade. The Myth, Magic & Medicine online class was worth the wait. Not only is Leah a master storyteller in her own right, she applies what she learned from leading outdoor wilderness expeditions to help people turn down the noise and tune in to their own inner guidance. Reminiscent of Joseph Campbell, Leah laid out activities designed for us to move forward with our inspiration; guiding us beyond our fears as we embarked on our own transformational Hero’s Journey. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to go beyond story telling formulas to reach the place where authenticity and magic reside within us all."  Adrienne McCurdy, International Facilitator and Consultant

Weave Your Thread Into The Tapestry of Our Universe....

Course fee: $597
Early Bird Special $497 when registered by September 25th
Or two payments of $297
2 partial work exchanges available
Class Begins on October 24th:
We meet every other Tuesday, from 6pm-8pm PST by video conference (except over the holidays)
You receive: 
  • Membership to a private Facebook group
  • Audio/video recording of our class within 24 hours of every session
  • A small group collective that you connect with and share with outside of class
What to expect regarding when you will create:
  • You will receive assignments to work on outside of sessions in addition to doing activities together during our live sessions. 
Additional Opportunities:
A private Soul Story Session $150 (50% of regular rate)
A Soul Story is a form of mystical storytelling. A one of a kind story is created just for you. We explore the metaphors, symbols, and elements that reveal what wants to be seen. Learn more here.
3 Session coaching session: $225
To be used as you wish during our time together. This is an excellent opportunity to get personal coaching and really refine and focus on your work. 
6 Session coaching session: $400
This is a great option for the storyteller who wants to refine and polish a piece of writing or hone their storytelling style and technique.  We will meet each month for an hour long session.


For those who want to take a deep dive into the telling and performing their stories in a group setting, we will meet at retreat location for 4 days in Northern California in March. (Exact location TBD based on attendance).

Group Rates
Want to host a group that meets and studies together in your hometown?
 That is a BRILLIANT idea, and I would be more than happy to provide a group rate.

Questions? Answers? Bring them this way...

Thanks! Message sent.

Speak The Spark is a term borrowed by the inimitable Dominique Lando. Someone with a keen eye who has an eye for seeing  the spark in all. 

Leah Lamb, MSW

Leah Lamb studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and with many masters of story in theater, film, and the ancient art of storytelling. Her plays have been produced by the Virgina Young Playwriters Festival, and has produced dozens of large and small scale productions including In Living Landscapes, a walking storyteling tour, and storytelling ceremonies, a place where the topic of the story is alchemized through ceremony. Lamb is committing to using story to meet the moment of the times we are living in, and views stories as the vehicle to explore beauty, grief, loss, and love. She received masters in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University where she received the Social Justice Award for her documentary, "Justice Economized." 


For seven years she worked as a wilderness guide with youth with youth at risk. Her storytelling has taken on several mediums, including launching the Green Channel at the Emmy award winning television network, Current TV, and has written about the environment for National Geographic News Watch, Planet Green, Huffington Post Spirituality & Health Magazine and Fast Company.

Lamb combines this experience with her studies with many metaphysical practitioners, and a year-long training with 13 Moon Mystery School, and is a scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School. Her stories hold the resonance of connection with the earth, the universe, animals and spirit. Lamb is passionate about teaching, and sharing the gift of enlivening storytelling and performance. Her teaching is inspired by Carolyn Casey, Martin Shaw, and Stephen Jenkinson, just to name a few. 

Soul Story Oracle Circles

Course Launches

December 11, 2018

Calling Women & Men! Healers, Teachers, & Practioners! Writers, Creatives, Storytellers, Story Carriers, and all who hear the call to bring the sacred back into our storytelling....

Nearly every ancient religion believes the world was

spoken, sang, or chanted into existence....


Step into the sacred storytelling circle...


We will gather as a community committed to considering

what we are bringing into existence.


We will gather as a community committed to the art

of deep listening.

And meet those stories that are waiting to be found...

During this 6-month online course you will:

"We have this word rhythm in English. It’s related etymologically to arithmetic, and to rite or ritual. We have another word: tale: which is synonym for story. But the verb form of tale, is tally, the verb to count, or keep track of, or to commit to memory. All of these things are in both of these words. So when you speak things in a rhythmic fashion, its no surprise that the word arithmetic appears in the word. That’s what stories are: an arithmetic rendering of life, not to make sense, more to keep track, not to be too lost for too long, more to call somebody home that’s been out in the fog longer than it suits them." ~Stephen Jenkinson

By going deeper into myth, I go deeper into love, and when I go deeper into love, innately I find morality; I locate a True North in my own heart.” 
― Martin Shaw

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