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"I'm going to give you a gift”


It was a bold gesture.
There was no guarantee that I would... or could... receive what she offered.

It lives inside

But I caught her story.

now, and is the only story I carry in such a way. 
The wisdom is an alive presence that inhabits.

I have not had to put the teaching of this story to task.
And pray I never will.

However, I will offer you the same gift:
This is a story carried over an ocean, and down two generations.

It has known the inside of prisons, it has traveled through the pixilated universe of the internet, it has been spoken to the trees.


And now, if you would like to receive it: I will give this story to you (see the end of the email to receive the audio of this story).


(Welcome to the Storyteller's Gift Guide)

















Here you will find course offerings, along with a plethora of resources that will nourish and enliven the creative life force in those around you. These are the kinds of gifts that will continue to give far past the opening of a present.  These are the kinds of presents that call out the nurture the gifts living and alive in those around you. 



For The Sacred Storyteller






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The Next 3 -7 month course begins Jan 8th

A deep dive into the realms of sacred storytelling.

Study with master teachers from around the planet and join a global community that is committed to living with story as a powerful and potent mechanism for growth and transformation. 

Early Bird Registration Special Ends Dec 25th
and includes a bonus class with master teacher Pat McCabe. 


Myth, Magic, Medicine:  
1-month online class: Feb 6th, 13th, & 20th


Claim Your Myths.   

Know You Are Magic.   

Give Your Medicine.


All art by Caroline Maniere


Soul Stories



Recalibrate Your Personal Mythology
             through a private session that explores your personal story


Clarissa Pikola Estes shares that there was a sect of mystic storytellers that used El Duerte, the wind, to blow the soul into the face of the receiver. After years of sharing story in this way, I have come to understand this more of revealing how your soul is living in the mythic realms...and allowing yourself to see what is known and felt... by giving voice through symbol, archetypes, and metaphor to the story of your soul.

In this one hour session, your soul story is divined in our time together, called to through song. Together, we will explore how to apply the guidance, insight and tools revealed in your session. 

Please Note: I have worked with a sliding scale because of my commitment to make this ancient lineage available to all. However, starting in the New Year as I shift my focus toward completing my first novel, private sessions will be a set price; while donation based public events will take place in the Los Angeles region.  

Learn more about how to get your Soul Story here.


Soul Stories Monthly Subscription
Receive a Soul Story Delivered to your Inbox Every Month 


Join an intimate community exploring the stories of our time
and receive 2 oracle stories each month.

Live Soul Story Online Oracle Circle: On the new moon of each month, you are invited to join a live online session where a Soul Story will be divined for our collective. Together we will explore what was revealed about our individual and collective consciousness, make sense of the symbols that presented and explore how to apply the teaching and the guidance and archetypal structure to our daily lives.

Learn more about to receive your monthly subscription here. 


Step into the Sacred Storytelling Cauldron 

and Register Here for the Mailing List



 Feed the Soul and Ignite a Spark 



Awakening the Soul addresses the issue of the loss of soul throughout the world and the loss of meaning and truth in modern life. Michael Meade shows how meaning is essential to the human soul and uses ancient stories and compelling insights to describe how a soul can be recovered and people can learn to live in truth. Drawing from dramatic episodes in his own life, Meade shows how the soul tries to awaken at critical times, and how an awakened soul is crucial for finding medicine to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life. What we need now is not a minor repair, but a major transformation of the world that can only start with the awakening of the individual soul.




Within every woman, there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species. In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Estés unfolds rich intercultural myths, fairy tales, and stories, many from her own family, in order to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature. Through the stories and commentaries in this remarkable book, we retrieve, examine, love, and understand the Wild Woman and hold her against our deep psyches as one who is both magic and medicine. Dr. Estés has created a new lexicon for describing the female psyche. Fertile and life-giving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.




In Scatterlings, Martin Shaw walks the myth-lines of seven stories based in and around his homeland of Dartmoor, England. Rather than the commentaries on such tales being primarily balanced against other literary sources, Shaw uses what actually occurs on these walks as the main source of information on the tales. 

This is a highly unusual move for a mythologist, an aspiration to use speech as a form of animistic relationship, of binding, of praise to a place. In a time of rapid migrations and climactic movement, Shaw asks: how could we be not just from a place but of a place? When did we trade shelter for comfort? what was the cost of that trade? What are the stories the west tells itself in private?


There is genius among us. 

Alive in the craze of our chaos
Present among the demons 
the angels 
the monsters
and heroes.


Chaos-- the great vast gaping space without form 
The result of something destroyed: an order dismantled 
premantled or…


And chaos …is where creation reins… where anything can happen.


[To create: "to bring into being," from Latin creatus]


But first the grief. 
What was is no more. 

And the stories…about what this means… have the power to seduce. 
They will sing of loss,
they will surround with resentment,
they will torture and strangle with the thread of what might have been.

Yet none of that will not change that this is a time of chaos... 


Where creation reins---
dreams shift from thought to matter
stories can be created and changed 
monsters are made, and flowers are designed, 
our weapons of self-instruction are written.


In a space of creation--
the muse can be seen
the ancestors can be heard
the roots can be felt
the scent of the past still lives

While the future… becomes herself.


What aspect of genius will one wield? 
What thread of wisdom will one claim?
What beat of allyship will one march to?
What pleasure will be played?
What plan will one cling to?


There is Genius among us in this muck of chaos. 
Saying, “Yes, finally, my time has come. 
The structures that limit and define are more permeable. 
The hearts that desire me can now hear my call.
The feet that carry me are taking a stand."


Featured Podcast

Enrich and enliven your storytelling lexicon

living myth.jpg


Michael Meade's Living Myth project seeks to bring the enlightening, transforming and healing power of mythic imagination to a world facing global problems that include both radical changes in nature and massive disruptions of culture.

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Featured Conference



The Great Mother and New Father Conference was begun in 1975 by Robert Bly, and at the time one of its major themes was the goddess or “Great Mother” as she has been known throughout human history. Since that time, the Conference has expanded to consider a wide variety of poetic, mythological, and fairy tale traditions. In the ’80s and ’90s there was much discussion among the conference community about the changes contemporary men were (and are) going through; “the New Father” was then added to the Conference title, in recognition of this movement and in order to keep the Conference as inclusive as possible. 


Sacred Story Priestessing:

(also known as story coaching)


Your stories are ready to be told.

You may be speaking on a stage, in a boardroom, or developing story ceremonies for personal and collective transformation.


You are defining how you are going to use your voice, listening for the unique thread of genius that is coming through you, and you care about how you influence the world. You want to speak from a place that is both connected to the roots of the earth and ancestry, as well as the divine.


This work is focused on empowerment, attuning to your unique style of learning, developing your true voice, expanding your intuition skills, and defining your unique way of working with story

Bring your stories to the world.

"Leah Lamb is a midwife of magic and sage guide through the creative realms. I am grateful to have called her into my life at a point when I decided to commit to a creative practice in order to birth various stories that want to come through. I kept coming up against my own internal blocks for years and decided it was time to find a professional to honor this personal intention. Our weekly sessions are deeply engaging, dynamic, full of surprises, heart opening, playful and keep my muse nourished as she finds her way. She’s helped me to create my own rituals around my creative process and listens deeply for what wants to come forward without forcing a “formula” on my process. She’s taught me how to celebrate and welcome my muse in a way that the spigot of creativity has opened in my life. Leah always provides me with numerous writing prompts and exercises to play with throughout the week so I have places to go when I hit a creative cul-de-sac.

As I’ve opened up to writing mythic stories, I’ve started to live a more mythic life. I don’t know what more I could ask for.”  ~ Alexandra Marcus


I'm holding your story.” Kelly’s eyes filled with tears.
huh.” I said, shifting awkwardly.
Kelly always had a flair for the dramatic.

She added a period at the end of my name to punctuate the moment.

"I’m holding your story.”

I met Kelley when I was 13.
16 years later – a few days after a doctor cut across my neck and removed a tumor --she was the first person I ventured outside my home with, catching the first sweet scent of spring as the newly bloomed wisteria settled upon us.


And now 17 years later, she was trying to convey that my life,
and how it is lived,
is not mine alone.


She’s holding a piece of it.

"Well then it’s time you stopped smoking,” I said.


"We think we tell stories, but stories often tell us: 


Tell us to love or hate, to see or be seen. 

Often, too often, stories saddle us, ride us, whip us onward, tell

us what to do,


and we do it without questioning.

The task of learning to be free requires learning to hear them,

to question them,

to pause and hear silence,

to name them, 

and then become a story-teller."


Rebecca Solnit


Join The Whale Dreamers


You’re passionate about the ocean.
You’re ready for a revolutionary approach to activism. 
You’re committed to playing a role in building a positive vision of the future. 

Let’s Start Today!


Take a stand for the earth you love,

and join a global community committed to positive social change.

The Whale Dreamer is a young adult book series (written by yours truly) that is a mythical story that takes on the state of our oceans, the sixth mass extinction through a wild and adventurous story about a young girl who is called to by the whales. It takes on the present while daring to dream about our future.

Members of The Whale Dreamer Society understand the power of a story, and its capacity to influence positive social change. 
Our pioneering members will be the very first to receive our Engagement Pathway ACTION KIT and get put it to the test.

Subscribe for $10 a month


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Free Master Class

How To Tell Stories Designed To Open Hearts & Change The World

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Register here to join me for a free master class. At the end of this class...I will give you the story that was given to me long ago. 

And if you can't join us live, when you register we'll send you a link to the recording. 

May the stories you carry hold you gently through the dark if you wake in the night,
and may the stories asking to come through be well received. 
with love,​​


Step into the Sacred Storytelling Cauldron 

and Register Here for the Mailing List

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