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Storytelling For A New Paradigm

Calling all Creatives, Changemakers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, & Everyone Ready to Make Meaning Out of Their Story!        

Saturday, March 7th

10am-4:30pm PST



Step Into The Sacred Storytelling Circle



Let's Bring The Magic and Invite The Sacred Back Into Our Life 

As We.... 


Claim Your


 Give Your


Know Your


Claim Your myths.

Know Your Are Magic.

Share Your Medicine.

"After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."

                                                        ~Phillip Pullman

The time has come to put the sacred back into storytelling

Share Your Medicine: be witnessed by a community for the inherent gifts you embody as you weave your unique essence into every story you tell. 

Live In Your Magic: 

Dance with the muse. Ignite your creativity. Take your hand as one who shapes reality, creates new worlds, and calls to the old stories, while listening for the new stories, the untold, unmet, and unheard stories. 


Know Your Myths….

Develop an intimate relationship with stories as you examine how they influence the way you live in the world, how they live in your bodies, and how they affect your consciousness as they shape your values, belief systems, and what you believe is possible. 

In this workshop you will...

  • Reclaim your creative spark!

  • Transform your stories into powerful teachings

  • Ignite your creativity as you engage your mythic imagination

  • Develop a mythic story from a personal life experience

  • Expand your knowledge on archetypes, myths and mythic stories from around the world

  • Be witnessed in the telling of your personal story​

  • Discover new ways to bring ritual and the sacred into your life​

  • Embody the magic and medicine you are into your everyday life




To deepen your work in the workshop, each participant will have the option to receive private in depth personal Soul Story session where you will receive a unique story created just for you.  In this session we will take a deep dive into examining your life through a mythic lens, and apply the teachings as practical tools in your every day life.


Learn more about Soul Stories here.

One on One Soul Story Work...

 Artists: Caroline Maniere

Stories are the mirrors where we can see where we are living in our consciousness.









"My search for an avenue to unleash my inner storyteller lasted over a decade. The Myth, Magic & Medicine online class was worth the wait. Not only is Leah a master storyteller in her own right...and llaid out activities designed for us to move forward with our inspiration; guiding us beyond our fears as we embarked on our own transformational Hero’s Journey.


I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to go beyond story telling formulas to reach the place where authenticity and magic reside within us all."  Adrienne McCurdy, International Facilitator and Consultant

"Leah's work is an imperative service to the great turning of our world and culture, and her devotion to the mystery invites all that work with her to step into their unique embodied expression of medicine and purpose through the weaving of the great mythological unfolding of each and every life.


If you are ready for true transformation of the tales you tell and the germination of the seeds of growth within your soul, step into Leah's circle and surrender to the greater story that is longing to live through you." ~Hannah Jermstad, participant in Myth, Magic, & Medicine, Storytelling for A New Paradigm.

"My storytelling was mechanical and stale and in a way... unlived, unliving and underlived. After this course, and something was awakened. 

 This course  was exactly what I needed to spark my soul into finally living that story telling side that I never dreamt I could and would live up to. You did that. You do that."  

~Bettina Lonfat, Participant in Myth, Magic, and Medicine.

Stories are the mirrors where we can see where we are living in our consciousness.

Leah Lamb

Writer, storyteller, producer, and lover of wilderness.


Leah Lamb studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and with many masters of story in theater, film, and the ancient art of storytelling.


She has had her plays produced by the Virgina Young Playwriters Festival, acted off-broadway, and has produced dozens of large and small scale productions.


Her storytelling has taken on several mediums, including consulting with The Pachamama Alliance on communications strategies, launching the Green Channel at the Emmy award winning television network, Current TV, and has written about the environment for National Geographic News Watch, Planet Green, Huffington Post Spirituality & Health Magazine and Fast Company.

She has developed working with story as a personal and community development tool for festivals, google executive retreats, and individuals.  trainings and the 13 Moon Mystery School.

Her stories hold the resonance of connection with the She received in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Lamb alchemizes her experience and studies with metaphysical Masterspractitioners,earth, and a commitment to a thriving planet. 

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