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Welcome Sister.

Thank you for saying yes. 
Yes to the rewilding of your soul. 
Yes to being in sisterhood. 
Yes to playing a part to stepping out of time. 
Yes to a full moon ritual.
Yes to placing your feet on the land, and your ear to the stars. 
Yes to the mysterious unfolding that will be created out of the alchemy of us. 
Perhaps you feel the call to share this experience with a friend.
We are happy to offer you and your sister a $100 discount when you register together. 
Your retreat has begun. 
The journey home is in process. 
We invite you to get a journal to start working with to take notes, allow drawings, to start writing to what you are wondering about. 
Clare and I will be holding the container of our gathering. We are dreaming into what unique offering each of you will bring to us. 
Please feel free to contact us with questions, and know that Jessica, our Empress of Linear Logistics will be the first on the scene to tend to your inquiries. 
Clare & Leah 

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