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What is your love language?

Peter and I were circling a sculpture at Burning Man that had the expressions of love lit up by soft pastel lights pulsing out of the earth.

Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Quality Time
Physical Touch

We shared about our different ways of speaking the lexicon of love and when we arrived to gifts, he didn’t pause, but kept on walking as he said,
“Not gifts.”
“Me neither,” I pseudo lied.

(Welcome to the annual Green Gift Guide)


This is a pulse of love

                                designed to inspire your imagination
                             during this season focused on gift giving.

Everything in this story-letter-green-gift-guide is designed and created to support a thriving planet: natural resources, fair pay, and other good things.
I bring this to you for the pure thrill of sharing inspiration.
I receive zero financial kickback or incentive.  

If you make it the bottom of this email...there is a gift waiting to be given.


Oh! And these beautiful Images are  Morning Altars by Day Schildkret. (You can learn more about day in the book section)


It was a pseudo-lie because the truth is...
While I enjoy gift giving, I'm not into obligatory gift giving.

But I LOVE giving gifts when I come across the perfect thing that will contribute to the life of someone I care about (such as the time I had that photo of my brother and Noam Chomsky etched into a 3-d crystal. #priceless).


And why not put a little effort into spreading more strength + beauty + love into a season that invites attention on miracles, generosity, and more good tidings through the language of gift giving?


"We Make A Living By What We Get,

But We Make A Life By What We Give."

Winston Churchill



by Anand Giridharadas

This book comes recommended by Jerry Gorde, philanthropist and social entrepreneur and leader in the sustainable investing movement. Prepare to have your socks knocked off.

Could it be that generosity does not bring justice?

Morning Altars: 

A 7 Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art, and Ritual 

by Day Schildkret

OMG. Can we say a  collective #wowtothepowerofbeauty? Day, the creator of the earth mandalas featured in this newsletter, just published his first book. You can get a book, a calendar, prints, cards, and all kinds of beautiful things for the earth lovers in your life.  Go here to see more. 


The Power In A Gift
I recently moved away from my home in the Bay Area of 13 years as I prepared to move to LA. 
It wasn’t easy to leave so many people I loved.
It was so hard,
that it took me nearly 5 years to arrive at what I called the inconvenient truth: For unexplainable reasons, this wasn’t my home anymore.
As I packed my boxes,
feeling the significance of the moment,
I thought, well, I’m making a passage…but what are the rites?   The ritual? 
... for such a transition?
I didn’t give it much more thought,
not living in a time or culture that carries an agreed upon a memory of this kind of ritual.



Artisan hand-crafted goodies from nature

Rosalyn Fay is an artisan who creates with words, flowers, and all things of the rose. She makes rose bath salts, rose chocolate, and rose quartz wands (!!) and more.

Hand-crafted Anointing Oils


Anointing yourself as a daily ritual you create a sacred practice of consecration and renewal. DianaBrudow is carrying forward ancient knowledge of this sacred practice. 


She sources the highest quality oils from around the world, mixes and pours on the new moon, while blessing these creations all along the way.


...But my community answered the question I didn’t know how to ask.
At my send-off gathering they gifted me with the most beautiful thing …
A quilt they had commissioned, the design inspired by the essence of the work I have been putting into the world.
I was…
The power in the offering lived.
Even if I didn’t understand what had happened.
So I did what anyone would do…and I googled power of gifts during rites of passage so I might figure out how to express what had come alive in my bones.
In essence, I found something you probably know:
Gifts are given during passage & threshold moments as a way of creating threads of connection that keep us connected through time and space. A way of saying, I know you on this side of the threshold, and I am committed to knowing you on the other side too.   


Ancient skin care for a modern world


A skin care product made in the home of Matthew Stillman in Harlem, NYC. This is a product that has its roots in carrying the ancient knowledge that still serves this planet. One of my favorite skin repair nourishment on the planet. When you sign up for his newsletter, you will be nourished by story, cultural history, and

Organic intimate products for women


Created by the one and only Christine Marie. She works with plant magic to meet the needs of women of all ages and heal and care for the most intimate places of a woman’s body. Rosebud rekindles caring for the yoni as a daily practice. Packaged inglass, made with love, and created from organic plant-based materials (ie: no plastic, chemicals, or pollution, but perhaps a fewooohhh and ahhhhs..)



Soul Story Private Session


The perfect gift for that person who has everything.
This is a 1.5-hour session (in person or over the phone).
You will receive a PDF Gift Certificate you can print out and deliver. 

A Soul Story is a one-of-a-kind story that is divined just for you (or your loved one)… it is a story designed to reflect the journey of your soul. Through the language of myth, symbols, and archetypes, Soul Stories bring about an opportunity for deeper reflection and offer a shift in consciousness. The ingredients are simple: spirit, mythology, archetypes, humor, and irreverence.


Speak The Spark: Sacred Storytelling For A New Paradigm 

Women in the light-min.jpg

Study with Master Teachers from around the world. 

Course Launches January 8th, 2019


Stand In Your Genius I Spark Brilliance In Others I Influence The World Around You I Build a Better Future I Through Every Story You Tell


Free Bonus Live Master Class when you register by Dec 11th. 


Learn more:



Wilderness Torah awakens and celebrates earth-based traditions of Judaism to nourish the connections between self, community, earth, and Spirit.


They create pluralistic, multi-generational community celebrations to reconnect us to the earth-based traditions of Judaism. All are welcome (regardless of your religious affiliation). They host festivals (such as passover in the desert) the high holidays, and more. A small organization, with a mighty


It's one of the greatest gifts
you can give yourself,
to forgive.
Forgive everybody. 

Maya Angelou


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Audio Story by Leah Lamb


Enjoy this 15-minute audio mythic tale about a young woman who wakes one morning to discover that she is to marry a Polar Bear. A strange and true climate change romance. ​


with love,

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