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Well Sweet Greetings Fierce Love Story Goers...


We are in for a sweet sweet delight. Please be sure and read this email all the way through so you gather all of the details. 


How to Dress: 

Wear warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes. You will want to bring layers, and may want to bring snacks, and some have been known to bring a flask. A hat and a scarf might be nice. You may want to bring snacks to share, and Phyllis has said she is planning to bring a special treat! 


When to Arrive: 

You can arrive on the land as early as 6pm, the event begins PROMPTLY at 6:30pm. This is a walking tour, so we will leave the parking lot. 

Now with that said, this is rural country and don't drive like a crazy person if you are late. We will make our first story not so far from where we begin so you can easily find us. 


Open Mike:

Our theme is Fierce Love: Stories of Love and Learning. These stories are about what it is to stand at the threshold of a life situation, and how you made it to the other side. If you would like to bring your story to us on this night, please keep your story to 5 minutes or less, and be sure to take us on a journey that shares the wisdom and insight you gleaned along the way. 


BRING A LIGHT and maybe a pillow:

We will begin in the light, and end in the dark. Your smart phones will provide enough light, but you also may want to bring a flashlight. You may want to bring a pillow, although it isn't necessary. The ground will be our chair. 



The address is 550 Nicasio Valley Road, Nicasio, CA

GOOGLE MAPS will take you to keep driving until you see the turn off with the real estate sign which will be at 550. 


The gate will automatically open. 

Drive SLOWLY up the dirt rd around .5 mile. There are horses, turkeys and pheasants along the way that may greet you. 


Take your FIRST RIGHT after the EXIT ONLY sign. You will see a parking lot. Park there. I like to leave my keys on my tire so there isn't a way to lose them on the land. 



A note about bathrooms: 

The bathrooms will be at the beginning and end of our story tour. 

Otherwise, the woods will be there to receive your offering. 




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