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Welcome To Change Your Story...Change Your Life

Once Upon A Time...


You decided to stay yes. 

To your exploring and playing with how the two of your relate to each other. 

I am so looking forward to diving into the realms of sacred storytelling with you.

To walking around the edges of your stories and feeding what is starved, and cutting off and burning what is dead. 

To begin...let's start by listening. Just listening.

Go for long walks, bring a small pad and pen with you.

Write what comes to mind with no destination in mind.


Just listening. 


We will convene online on Sunday, January 19th from 10am-4:30pm PST 


I'll send an email with how to prepare in the next month.

If you want to join a Facebook group that includes people who also play in the realm of story, join us in The Story Sanctuary.

See you soon, 


"There is no agony like hearing an untold story inside you"

~Maya Angelou

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