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Design your future:

Vision (Board) Workshop 2017












Join me for two evenings of

visioning, goal setting, and magic making in the Richmond Hills

 Feb 7 & 8 



Yearning for space to focus and clarify your vision?

Hungry for concrete tools to use in your manifesting/visioning process?

When pivotal opportunities cross your path, what guides your internal compass? How do you know what step to take next? How do you actualize that dream that you have always wanted to come true? How do you know that you are living the life you most want to live?

We live in a culture that hypes the concept of manifestation and yet has lost contact with the process of visioning ~ the process of creating from silence, and listening: to yourself, to spirit, and to your inner and outer guidance. That’s what we’ll do.














Day 1: 

  • Be led through a reflective listening process to identify what it is you most desire and want to call into your life.

  • Go through a facilitated experience of reflecting on 2016

  • Set goals setting and be led through a facilitated  visioning process

  • Be inspired by your cohorts

  • Confront and work with your blocks and barriers to receiving what you desire

  • Create a powerful vision statement


Day 2:


  • Activate your manifesting skills

  • Get down and have fun creating our vision in the physical form. (ie vision board, a vision book, or something else we haven't dreamed up yet.)
























I'm going to tell you a secret. I used to think Vision Boards were a silly waste of time and way to woo-woo for the likes of me. But then I was invited to a vision board party and I thought...why not?


The first time I created a vision board, I put a photo of a eco-celebrity I deeply respected on my board. I hemmed and hawed about using the image, it felt corny and I didn't want to feel like a fan girl. But I ended up working with the image because I was clear that he represented something I wanted to be a part of.  The next day, someone from his office called me and asked me to work on a project with him. #thingsIcan'tmakeup


Another year I placed a list of places I wanted to travel to. On a whim I placed China on the board. Why not? Before the year was over I went on an all expenses paid trip to China doing work that thrills me to pieces.


Through the years I have become fascinated by the process of creating vision boards, and getting clear and focused about what I want to experience and call into life. One of those things is I am thrilled beyond thrilled to share this with you.































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  What will be provided: 

   + Light snacks and tea

   + Vision board     

   + Glue   

   + Magazines                                                                  

Feb 7th 6-9pm, Feb 8th 6-10pm 

This will be an intimate workshop with limited seating.


Course Fee: $175

*50% refundable with cancellations within 48 hours of the workshop

+ If you can only particpate one of the evenings don't hesitate to reach out

"My vision came through so potent and clear in the work I did with Leah. She creates and holds such a beautiful container for expression and a playful magic that brings so much pleasure to the process, no matter what it is."


Kait Singley, Gardener and educator

"It is one thing to make a collage of images on a poster board, and it is a whole other thing to feel the story we are desiring to manifest through vision boarding. This is the art Leah Lamb is weaving and this feeling is what allows us to enter the reality we are walking towards."


Joti Shephi ~Singer and educator

"Leah Lamb is a game changer with a sprinkle of magic. In a one hour session, she helped me face the monster in the closet — the negative messages keeping me from moving forward with a new career endeavor — and creatively identify what I’m passionate about, and where to set my intentions for the year ahead. She also provided support in the transition from sabbatical into work, from community organizer to professional consultant, and from east to west coast. Leah is a living example of manifesting dreams and making life happen (not waiting for it to show up). Her audacity, courage, and wisdom is complimented by compassion, heart and soul — making for a deep blend of thoughtful insight presented with grace. In other words, her guidance is grace that packs a punch. Get ready. She’s going to take you to Level Next. 


Rae Abilea, Activist and organizer

What to bring:

      + dinner  

      + Magazines

      + Images that mean something to you

      + Journal

"Leah is tireless in her pursuit of sharing ideas and creating a dialogue. Her story-telling is imaginative and truly compelling - her voice engaging and truthful. There’s a spark in her that inspires those around her and draws people to her. I am fortunate to have been on the receiving end of her generosity and feedback."


-Charles de Montebello Founder, CDM Studios


Leah Lamb


Writer, storyteller, producer, and lover of wilderness.


Ultimately, my work is about helping people understand the power of story in their life, connect to their divine self, and reclaim the stories we tell each other in our day to day lives.


Leah Lamb studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and with many masters of story in theater, film, and the ancient art of storytelling. She received a masters in social work, and focused on therapeutic use of the wilderness for the seven years while she worked as wilderness guide with youth at risk. Her storytelling has taken on several mediums, including launching the green chanel at the emmy award winning television network, Current TV, and has written about the environment for National Geographic News Watch, Planet Green, Huffington Post. She produces short films for My Planet, stories about the healing power of the natural world. Lamb combines this experience with her studies with many metaphysical practitioners, and a year long training with 13 moon mystery school. Her stories hold the resonance of connection with the earth, the universe, animals and spirit. She is in the process of completing her first novel, The Whale Dreamer. Lamb was featured in Unstuck: 52 ways to get and keep your creativity flowing at home, at work, and in your studio.

Questions? Lets chat. 

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