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You Are Invited On A Wild Adventure

In  Storytelling


A Guide to






in Transition Times 


Online Class

 Bonus Practice & Coaching Sessions



Discover Who You Are

As A Storyteller

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We won’t be going over the 6 main bullet points about how to tell a story.


We’re going back to meet the soul of the old stories,


As we midwife and welcome in the life of the new stories.

We’re going back to the beginning,

                 to remember why we care about telling a story.


Revel In and Bring Beauty to Uncertain Times

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We are surrounded by stories embedded with hopelessness. distrust. fear mongering. These stories would have you believe that there is only one direction humanity will take.

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To Speak, Sing, Chant, 











Weaving these into every story we tell and into the future that we are co-creating.

IImage by: Mara Friedman

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The future we are creating lives within us

and is formed with every word we speak.



A Rebel Tell: Speaks truth to power as they name what isn’t just in this world, while bringing focus, clarity and wisdom that repairs, restores, and rejuvenates.


A Rebel Tell: Is committed to thriving life on this planet by meeting loss, and destruction with stories of grace, beauty, and courage.

A Rebel Tell: Reveals the big story of our time, as it provides the stories that connect the end of one chapter to the next beginning. 

A Rebel Tell: Listens to and witnesses stories of outrage and harm while revealing the path to grief, healing, and transmutation.

A Rebel Tell sees what isn't serving the planet, while speaking to what will serve thriving life on this planet.



A Rebel Tell: Stands in the power of their medicine, and understands that every story has the capacity to create a shared and unifying experience of connection, increase empathy, and introduce forgiveness.

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Join me for this ONE TIME only live recording of this pilot course.

Each lecture aligns with a chapter of the up and coming guide book, A Rebel Tell, Seeing, Hearing, & Creating Stories in Transition Times.  

We are gathering; the story catchers, the story herders, the story warriors, willing to speak, declare, pray, chant, and sing-- beauty, grace, and love into some of the quickest changing times this planet has known.


Develop the skills to navigate the map of a storied life.


Access your power as a creator and witness the creative  life force ignite all parts of your life.


Learn how stories can be collaborated with to unify people.


Take your audience on wild adventures through time, bend paradigms, navigate the inner world of the heart and mind with only the sound of your voice.



This course is designed for people who want to be conscious of their impact and influence on the world.

Each class will have time for live Q&A and discussion.

BONUS MATERIAL: as honorary participants in this pilot course,

participants will also receive a PDF of the written guide book upon its completion in Fall of 2019. 


Be the first to Rebel tell!

July 3rd Class 1

A Rebel Tell Out of the Belly of Apocalypse: A Call for Eloquence

July 10th Class 2

Intimacies with Muse: Meeting Stories as Living Beings: (and how to spot Zombies, Vampires, and Clone stories that may be haunting & hunting you)

Aug 6th Class 3

Prophesies & Hidden Stories: Foundational stories that design our times


 (Summer Break. Weekly exercises will be sent during these weeks)

Aug 14th Class 4

Embodiment and working with your body as an instrument.

Aug 21st Class 5

Engaging The Mythic Imagination & Integrating the Whole Self

Aug 28th Class 6

How to Change A Story: Ethics, Techniques, and Considerations

Sept 4th, Class 9

The Neuroscience of Listening & How to Prepare Your Audience To Catch A Story

Sept 11th Class 8

To the Underworld & Back: Working with Storytelling as a Healing Modality

Sept 18th Class 9

Story Ceremonies & Working with Storytelling to Build and Unite Communities

Sept 25th Class 10

Hunting Down The Missing Stories 

Oct 8th Class 11

Alchemy: Giving your stories as gifts

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Meet The Rhythm Of Your Story

When you find the rhythm of your story


                           You will meet the heartbeat of your story.

By meeting the heartbeat of your story,


                                         You will connect the soul of your story.

As you meet the soul of your story,

You will be in relationship with the life of your story-- 

where you will gain access to the intelligence, wisdom, and teachings your story has to offer

---to you---

 and to our times.



What kind of storyteller are you?



Are you a Story Steward?

Do you tend to the ancient myths and stories? Are you a faithful steward that shares these stories so they may continue to live among us? 


Are you a Story Midwife?

Do you catch the stories who are asking to be born in our times?

Are you a Story Alchemist?

Are you healing the older stories; honoring and tending to the bones of the story while giving them an opportunity to grow and evolve to meet the times we live within?


Are you a Vampire Story Slayer?

Are you on the look out for the zombie stories, the stories on the take, the life sucking stories spreading fear and dread?


Or are you playing another spoke in the wheel of storytelling?



Image by: Mara Friedman


We are all part of the old stories; whether we know the stories or not, the old stories know about us. —Leslie Marmon Silko

Galaxy Space Painting Stars Cosmic Unive

Weaving beauty, joy, grace, and love, 

into the stories of tomorrow. 


12 1-hour Live Lectures

 Beginning June 26th

Wednesdays, 5-6pm PST

Involves lectures, stories, exercises to inspire your creativity, story creation, and development

participate live or listen on your own schedule

+ Membership to a private Facebook Group

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Join The Rebel Tell Practice Group

This is where we put it all into practice!

Stay for another 1.5 hours practice session from 6-7:30pm PST

Receive individual and small group feedback and coaching


+ 12 hours of lectures + membership to private Facebook Group

+ You are assigned a small group of like-minded cohorts matched specifically to you based on your interests, goals, and time zone, who you can practice with outside of class.

+ 12 1.5-hour Workshop & PRACTICE SESSIONS. These classes take place after each lecture and are a place where you can immediately start to practice themes and concepts introduced into the class.

+ Includes writing prompts, creativity exercises, and having a space to develop a variety of stories including personal narrative, mythic stories, wisdom stories, and teaching stories.

+ Be witnessed in the telling of your stories & receive feedback & support as you refine your unique style and voice.

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Or 2 Payments of 

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Or 3 Payments of 

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 The Road Toward Mastery:

All Access Pass to the Library

of Master Guest Teachers (more than 20 Hours of classes)

Expand your understanding of the philosophy, mysteries, and craft of storytelling by adding adding 10 additional 2- hour video classes from the library of master teachers. Teachers include Stephen Jenkinson, Michael Meade, Charles Einstein, Rachel Bagby, Teju Ologboni, Nina Wise, and more. 

Gain access to 20 hours of

 master classes storytelling

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"Leah Lamb is a storyteller and media strategist of unparalleled talent and unmatched wisdom. Leah’s work represents a masterful blend of keen, seasoned insight into multimedia trends + deep familiarity with archetypal forces at play beneath the surface of our shared societal narratives + unwavering devotion to the healing of the earth. A collaboration with her will leave your own work and understanding of the world forever impacted, for the better."

-Caitlin Sislin

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 3.34.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.41.09

I was deeply moved by how rich, expansive, and essential Leah's work is. She isn't just a storyteller and her work is not just about storytelling (which in and of its self is incredibly beautiful). Leah is a midwife holding space for the creative force to move through us and birth new paradigm. ~Claudette Thomas

"My experience of learning about story with Leah was transformative. I have been struggling for some time with finding my voice and therefore finding my power... My voice got lost in the shuffle of all the hustle of life. I always felt pulled away by what I ‘should’ be doing rather than listening to the wisdom within. But Leah’s course showed up in my life and it has shifted me in a very powerful way. I was able to learn new skills (like working with myth) with ease and flow. But most importantly I was able to work with my own real life story in an empowered way that helped me bring closure to an old trauma I had suppressed for years. If I had to do it over, I would choose this course a thousand times over and over again!" Lashanda Brown Sell, PhD

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 5.17.45 PM.png

"I’ve learned with Leah that being a Sacred Storyteller is about so much more than telling stories well. It’s a way of Being in life—of being in service, available to the Divine, in the specific ways that are truest to our own natures. Leah is a masterful guide and a committed advocate for creators and for the Creator in us all and has taught me a new way of being in partnership with inspiration and wisdom. Speak the Spark has been an experience so much more profound than I expected. I’m so grateful for the gifts! " 

-Grace Boda

As I’ve opened up to writing mythic stories, I’ve started to live a more mythic life. I don’t know what more I could ask for. Leah is a midwife of magic and sage guide through the creative realms.  Our weekly sessions are deeply engaging, dynamic, full of surprises; she’s helped me to create my own rituals around my creative process and listens deeply for what wants to come forward without forcing a “formula” on my process. She’s taught me how to celebrate and welcome my muse in a way that the spigot of creativity has opened in my life."

-Alexandria Marcus

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 4.19.22 PM.png

Shaping the stories of our time

while weaving the dreams of our future


Q. If I can't attend live, how will I see the video? 

A. A video of the class will be shared within 72 hours of each class. You will have access to these videos for 1 year. 

Q. What is the difference between the lecture series and the practice group? 

A. Because this is a pilot class, I wanted to make this affordable to all walks of life. The first hour of class is the lecture. Those who sign up for the practice group will get to work in small groups, receive feedback and support in the development of their storytelling. 

Q. What does it mean to be in a pilot class? 

A. To honor the oral tradition of storytelling, I am speaking the contents of the guidebook and working with you and the content together for the first time. I will occasionally ask for your feedback. The lectures will be recorded and used in future classes. 

Q. Do you provide scholarships? 

A. There are a few work exchange positions available and payment plans. Email for more information. 

Q. Can I still join if I didn't learn about this course until after it started?

A: Unlike my other courses, you can join this class at any time. In order to attend the practice sessions, you will want to  

 watch missed classes to ensure that you are all caught up with your peers. The additional cohort practice groups are assigned at the beginning of the course. Members who join after the course begins will need to wait until there is a group of three or more that new members before they are assigned an out-of-class practice group.  


Her education in theater includes studying the Eric Morris technique, the Meisner technique at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC, and apprenticing at The Williamstown Theater Festival. Her love of the arts as a doorway to social change came alive when she began writing and producing to organize against the Iraq war, PIECING IT TOGETHER and ENGAGE. But it is her love of wilderness that took her to the threshold of listening. She worked as a wilderness guide for seven years, traveling from Alaska, to Nepal, to Mexico, and to the deserts of the southwest.

Leah created the format of Storytelling Ceremonies, (a process designed to alchemize and integrate the teachings within a story) which have toured in LA, San Francisco, and NYC. Her mystical storytelling, known as Soul Stories, provides people an opportunity to explore their archetypal structure and examine their lives through the metaphors and symbols that present in their consciousness. Leah is the author of the soon to be released, The Whale Dreamer. 

Leah Lamb, MSW, collaborates with story as a tool for self awareness, social change, and community building.  

She has authored short stories, documentaries, and award-winning PSA’s about the environment. She produced and hosted The Green Channel on the Emmy-award-winning television network, Current TV, and has written for Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, National Geographic News Watch, and Huffington Post, 


Meet your Host

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